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Bus Advertisement

The definition of bus advertising is advertising displays placed inside and outside of city buses, which include partial and full wraps.Bus wrap cost is greatly reduced when compared to other advertising services, such as television, internet and radio.Bus advertising is a great medium of visibility for your brand.

In fact, many advertisers give their first preference for bus advertising or bus shelter advertising as compare to other media option.Bus advertising is effective mode of advertising, Due to the great visibility and low public bus ads costs to advertise on buses.It is a cost effective medium to promote your brand and spread awareness.

Bus advertise

Bus Ad Types

Gujarat-GSRTC Ordinary Bus Advertising

Gujarat-GSRTC Ordinary Bus branding is one of the most impactful forms of advertising with huge exclusive Ad spaces to grab customers' instant attention.By advertising in Gujarat-GSRTC Ordinary Bus , you are just not reaching out to the riders but also to the lack of families, professionals, students, tourists and varied individuals who walk on the roads. Gujarat-GSRTC Ordinary Bus travel hundreds of miles daily featuring your brand message throughout their routes to the varied community and audience set providing you with the opportunity to grab viewers' top of mind space.

Advertisements are displayed for a minimum of one month and can remain up for an indefinite amount of time. Gujarat-GSRTC Ordinary Bus ads are simply unavoidable, and this is a high-impact medium that has repeatedly delivered results.

AMTS Ordinary Bus Advertising

Ahmedabad is the commercial capital of Gujarat, one of the most well developed state in the country. Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service ( AMTS ) is the public transport facility run by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. One of the most recognized and decorated service AMTS covers every nook and corner of the city. Including the far off and newly developing areas.

It has about 1000 modern buses in its ever expanding fleet to cater to the growing need of the metropolis. The buses are constantly upgraded, are very well maintained and extensively used by commuters.

* All Govt. Taxes ( 18% GST on Service 5% GST on Printing & Mounting ) as Applicable

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